World Video Premiere

"DISTRO" Legendary Brasstacks feat: Scrwg Scrilla Drops Friday October 13th, 2023 at 1:00pm EST

Before. Reaction. Analyze. Situation. Serious. Talk. All. Conscious. Knowledge. Sense.

Legendary BrassTacks

World Video Premiere


Legendary Brasstacks featuring Scrwg Scrilla

Rating: 1 out of 5.

90’s Rap Duo, “Brasstacks”, Diamond Eye’s and Catalog aka Eye’s & Cat, hailing out of Toronto, Canada are currently celebrating their 25th Year Anniversary of their debut commercial released in 1996, off of their vinyl, A-Side: Icebreaker Classic & B-Side: Hidden In Sight (Hidden Insights), produced by Down To Erf. 

Battle Cat and Diamond Eye’s were childhood friends, growing up in the early 90’s, as b-boys listening to KRS-1, and EPMD, to name a few, while watching movies such as Crush Groove, Beat Street  and Breaking gave these young men the vision to start their own music… Brasstacks (Before Reaction Analyze Situation Serious Talk All Conscious Knowledge Sense) was created in 1994.

Brasstacks came in with a bang, rap battling on every block in Toronto straight down to New York. Making their mark on the East Coast. 

Brasstacks first rap album paved the way down to The Bay area of California, with their hit singles “Icebreakers Classic” and “Hidden In Sight (Insights), charting the Top 10 in the Bay area for 6 months straight. Brasstacks was then invited to California to perform at the “The Gavin” Music Conference alongside Mos Def, Smith & Wesson, Killer Priest, Cocoa Broz, Wu-Tang, Too Short and E-40 to name a few. Which then landed Brasstacks memorable interviews with HOT97 – Blahzah Blahzah and Nasty Nas and WBLS in New York with DJ Silver Surfer.

In 2001 Much Music debuted their music video “Empires”, which they independently shot in Trinidad. After a good run on Much Music, Brasstacks decided to recreate “Empires” and make the first ever, 2 songs in one music video in Canada: “Empires/Whip Up A Batch”. Which brought them to tour throughout Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Saskatoon where some highlighted moments.

Growing up with a great passion for music and living their dream, Brasstacks decided to go their separate musical ways… Battle Cat started an alternative group known as “Catalog And The Easy Street Band ” where he continued as a lead vocalist and songwriter working with Canadian alternative and rock bands and production company Detroit Rain. Diamond Eye’s opened Parma Media Record Label, managing and producing the younger up and coming artists from Canada, United States, UK and Africa.

With 2021 being their 25th year anniversary, Brasstacks releases their first commercial release: “BT25” – Brasstacks 25, out now on all major platforms.

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